How to encourage a good night's sleep

Having a relaxing warm shower or soak in a bath for 20 mins, this helps alert the body its time to get ready for sleep adding lavender soak to your bath helps encourage us to relax as lavender is a beautiful fragrance to helm calm and relax the mind. 
Doing a quick 5 minute yoga session which help trigger the mind to start to unstiffen and be in the moment 
Keeping you room nice and tidy as this unclutters the mind. When its messy this can clutter the mind same with cars its about keep a clear mind set. 
Limiting screen time maybe exchange for a book or crossword instead. Electronics have a blue light that can trigger the brain to stop making melatonin. Reading a book has been proven to to relive stress and allow your mind to relax. If you do need to use your phone maybe to read have the screen brightness down and turn in eye protection which most phones have. 
Practice breathing examples 
Breath slowly in through the nose, breath out a strong breath repeat this this 4-5 times before resting your head.
In general try not to over think sleeping thats when we will it to happen and not realise it.
Hope these tips are helpful. 

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