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Harmony lane & co

Protection of the Evil eye

It is believed the evil eye hand of hamsa protects the wearer or the home from negative and harmful energies. Not so long ago I had a very bad mental breakdown. What helped me through was my belief in the evil eye and its protection among other things like crystals and oracle angel cards. My aim is to help you feel safe and protected in a time of need with the use of the evil eye and the hand of Hamsa to help you release and ward off negative energies and protect you and your home. My hope is to help you feel protected through the use of the evil eye. I really hope you love my range of candles and reed diffusers I myself hand pour all of the candles and reed diffusers with a fragrance of your choice.

Hi everyone my name is Krystle founder or Harmony Lane & Co I wanted to take the time to introduce myself. I'm a married mum with two beautiful little girls. By day I'm a pilates instructor and fitness lover. I started this hobby which soon turned into a little side hustle. I love the evil eye hand of hamsa and all it stands for!! As I get older I have found I lean on my crystals and evil eye more then ever. I have used them through my own battle with mental health breakdown that happened not long ago to help give strength and protection from not only outside negative energy but negative energy I carried within myself that became to heavy. It helped me have faith and belief in myself, plus so much more. You’ll find the evil eye all over my house to help clear energy and bring in positivity. My hope is to share with this information to give you the hope and faith the hand of hamsa has given me. Thank you for being part of this journey and community.

Everything about Harmony Lane & Co is beautiful. I purchased two candles and they are so long lasting.

Jennifer Randel